Why Everyone Should Practice Mindfulness Now More Than Ever


As we all navigated the uncharted waters of the pandemic (and some still are), a deep discovery of who we are came to light. I had so many different conversations that covered the spectrum of human emotion. 

While speaking to some, they repeated stats and news stories, and the fear and uncertainty was apparent in their conscious minds. Still others were sitting on the “we’ll see what happens” fence. In other words, they felt they were driftwood waiting to be taken whichever direction the stream flowed.

The feeling of being out of control was strong. Those in my tribe, the lightworkers, positive thinkers, and mindful souls, dug deep and had some amazing self-realizations. 

During the quarantine – and now – here is how I practiced mindfulness and what I determined my days would instill: 

  1. I Found a Place in My Home That Brings Me Peace
    A zen area where I can just “be”. For me, it’s my backyard. I planted a garden, played fetch with the furry babies, and had pool time and scavenger hunts with my granddaughters. It gave me this oasis that I could look forward to spending time in. 

  2.  I Set Intentions Each Morning
    I would decide what my day would entail. I would attract new connections and opportunities. I would write and spread my message. I didn’t calculate how each hour would be spent or worry if we had enough cleaning supplies. I injected in my mind a knowing that everything would be joyful, no matter what went on outside the four walls of my home.  

  3. I Avoided What Didn’t Feel Good to Me
    I wouldn’t listen to the news and stats about people losing jobs, their lives, or hoarding toilet paper. Some may say this was selfish or naïve, but it was important for me to keep my alignment and place of peace. It’s my journey after all.

    I read a post recently that stated, “If you stay in your lane, there is no traffic.” I really resonated with that. Mindfulness is choosing your state of awareness and I chose to only see the rose-lined path. 

  4. I Sent Love and Compassion to Those Who Were Suffering
    Without getting sucked in to the sadness and anger, I could give words of encouragement. I would participate in the community of helpers.

    We took our puppies for a walk every evening. It was a parade of sorts. My daughter would walk her border collie, the granddaughters would follow along, I took Jade, our chihuahua, and my husband walked Brodie, our Aussie.

    On what become our routine path, a neighbor had placed a box by the mailbox where people would put items in for one another. I would bring some goodies to put in it like books, candy, non-perishable food, and other fun stuff. Each time we passed, the grandgirls would run to the box and find a craft item or candy. What a great way to give kindness to our neighbors and say, “we care.”

    One day while trying to entertain the kids, I had them paint rocks which they left on door steps and in yards of our neighbors. We started to see the same people each evening and would wave and say hello. I met people I had never spoken to before in 14 years of living in my neighborhood!

    That, my friend, is the good that can come from experiences that seems overwhelming and out of our control. We got back to what really matters: Family, friends, neighbors and community. 

    Let’s carry forward the beauty and kindness that we learned. Let’s remember the importance of those in our lives when we couldn’t socialize outside of our loved ones. Let’s remember how hugs connect us. Let’s remember to meet new people. Let’s remember to share our abundance. Let’s remember that life is precious and that “things” are not on the priority list any longer. 

    Love and Blessings,
    Life Coach Maureen