It’s Time to Talk to a Life Coach (This is the Sign You’ve Been Looking For)

Being a Life Coach is very rewarding, but there’s no denying how exhausting it can be at times. Being so invested in the success of helping others elevate their mental health can be quite an emotional ride! As I screen through clients and see who is truly ready to make changes, I’ve noticed a trend. Readiness is determined by one thing: You just have to be tired of the way things are.

It’s that simple, really. Oh, I’ve had callers who were excited but couldn’t make the time commitment, financial investment, etc. And I’ve had clients whom just wouldn’t do the work– their comfort zone won over their desire to change. 

Those who have worked through the process, used the tools, and turned it into a lifestyle, have forever changed their mindset and probably their entire lives. 

It’s not just about saying positive quotes all day or sitting in meditation for hours. It’s taking each method, step by step, day by day, and learning to integrate it into your life so it instills new perspectives, beliefs, and actions. Whether it’s Relationship Coaching, Business, Spiritual, or Life Coaching, the changes are long lasting for those who choose to embrace it. 

In a recent coaching session, I was speaking with a client who said, “I really need this every week to keep going especially when I think I can’t.” I love hearing when someone says, “You’ll be so proud of me!” To that I say, “YOU should be proud of you!” 

Although a somewhat new premise, the idea of helping oneself or finding new ideas is not new. It’s only the “where” you go to find it that is in question. If you are looking to change ANY area of your life, it is inclusive, and honestly, touches on every aspect even if you think you are seeking one type of coaching. 

If any of the below thoughts have crossed your mind it may be time to seek some guidance from a Life Coach:

  1. I feel stuck in my life, as if I’m repeating the same thing over and over. 
  2. I can’t get motivated.
  3. I don’t know what my purpose is.
  4. I feel scattered and disorganized in my work/home balance.
  5. My relationships don’t feel fulfilling.
  6. I don’t know how to reach or set goals .
  7. I have low self-image and esteem.
  8. I’m going through a divorce or break up.
  9. I’m starting to date and find it overwhelming.
  10. My partner and I feel disconnected.
  11. I am feeling anxious or discouraged with life.
  12. I have past issues I want to overcome by releasing them and moving forward.

The stigma around mental health is improving and we are learning how beneficial it can be to help ourselves. It’s ok to be focused on yourself and your well-being. You will change and the world will change around you. If you are struggling today, I encourage you to reach out, talk to someone, and take action to invest in your wellness. 

Love and Blessings, 
Maureen Scanlon

*Was this the sign you’ve been looking for? Let’s take that next step TODAY so you can get started on the life you were meant to live!*