How to Tell It’s Time to Follow Your Life Purpose

life purpose

In January, I created a vision board. This year I decided to achieve specific goals and growth. When I created the board, of course, my human mind thought, this would be great to achieve. I ask myself now, did I REALLY believe I could achieve these things? The honest answer? I had some doubts.

As the year has progressed, I moved to new outlooks, new phases. I had to reach points of, “I’m ready, let’s do this!” I had to embrace discomfort and fear. The point being; today you may not see it or even believe it. But you will. Your job is to stay open and just “let it flow.” 

I also realized that when I was able to let go of some things (i.e. disappointments and needing validation from family members) I was able to get out of my own way. That’s when the desires and opportunities started to come my way. I figuratively unclogged the pipe to allow the flow. 

I’ve worked at a corporate job for 25 years. It provided stability and health insurance, but it wasn’t my passion or life purpose. I always knew I would let it go, but the old sensible me kept saying, “wait a little longer.” I spontaneously decided, after a conversation with a random Zoom call from a LinkedIn connection, that it was time. Just like that, I didn’t overthink it, I just said “today is the day.” That woman may never know how important that connection was (though I did tell her).

It wasn’t a planning, or creating a spreadsheet, it was just a simple thought that today was the day to set a date to retire and focus 100% on what I’m passionate about- Life coaching and Professional Speaking. 

If you’re at a mindset today that speaks “someday,”  just ask yourself the following questions: 

  1. Do I look forward to waking up in the morning to this life I’ve created? 
  2. Is there something that keeps nudging me? An idea, a thought, a person? 
  3. Do I feel free to choose how my day proceeds? Do I feel trapped in my current circumstance? 
  4. If I could do anything I wanted, or reset, what would bring me the most joy? 
  5. During my day, what makes me smile the most? 
  6. What do I read, hear, or see on tv and social media that resonates deeply? Social injustice? Animal abuse? Foster children? Sustainability? 

These questions will help you deep dive into what your life purpose and place of most joy is! Give yourself mercy and patience and remember this: nothing will happen until you are ready.

When you have done the work to be open, non-resistant, and at ease about the future and what you desire, you will then know it’s time. It can happen over years or in an instant. Stay in your circle of control- your thoughts, reactions, and feelings, when most positive, will guide you. 

Love and Blessings,