The Substantial Power of Words in the Digital Realm

Power of Words

Because I work from home 80% of the work week, my interaction with others is primarily through email and social media. A recent discovery I have made is the power of words in this arena. 

First, let me address something that I feel is an important virtue and character to have-the ability and decision to keep our word. In other words, following through with actions that validate the words we have stated to another. In addition, this is where the age old adage came from: Your Word is Your Bond.

In my Life Coaching business, I experience people that start the process without following through. Here’s an example: I receive an email that a client is interested, I respond and set up a time to call to discuss their needs, the client responds and verifies the appointment, and then… nothing.

What’s curious to me is that when we had more interpersonal interactions, people didn’t tend to give empty promises, or at least not as often. But in this world of technology, we are losing common courtesy. We don’t feel the need to commit because, “I don’t know this person”. We’ve become very dismissive of another person’s time and effort. 

Why is it so hard to meet my person? 

In the dating world today, most singles are enrolled in dating sites where the communication is strictly through email and messaging. You exchange a few emails, move to the texting game, and possibly (not too often) to the phone call. 

I know so many friends who experience the “ghosting”.  This is where you talk and start getting to know someone, then…..nothing. Are you seeing a pattern here? We are losing the ability to see the person on the other end as a feeling and caring human being. This is a trend that is dehumanizing one another. We are losing accountability of our “word” or promise to another person. 

Ninja Commentators

I started “listening” via the internet comments on Facebook to the way people are currently conversing. The common denominator is that there seems to be a freedom in speaking more harshly and yes, downright mean to others, due to the mask of the computer screen or phone. Have we made it so easy to lose compassion and politeness for the tradeoff of convenience? Is this really what the creators wanted or believed would happen when they invented these high tech gadgets? 

I still believe in the good. I still believe we can use our advancement to help each other. When I see the posts for Dog shelters rallying for adoptions, videos that show random acts of kindness, and positivity posts, I know the kindness and love are still in there.  

Let’s make it a point to spread good news and build each other up on social media! More importantly, meet those you care about for lunch, coffee, shopping, a short visit with face to face, real connections. Just because we have the technology, does not mean we need to replace nurturing our relationships. After all, it should enhance our lives, not diminish them. Go be the difference in this world! Kindness is contagious, go infect someone 


“Say what you mean but don’t say it mean”- unknown

“People with integrity do what they say they are going to do. Others have excuses”- Laura Schlessinger

“Integrity is conforming reality to our words-in other words, keeping promises and fulfilling commitments”- Stephen Covey 

Love and Blessings,