Supply and Demanding People Got You Down?

Demanding People

I’ve recently noticed a trend in what’s happening in society. Although we are talking about inclusivity and encouraging kindness, there’s still a lot of judgement and criticism spilling out. 

Let’s take, for example, gas prices. The oil industry is made up of lots of moving parts; from place of origin, to the involvement of the drilling company, to the transportation industry, and gas stations. Everyone has an interest and the interest is to get the largest amount of money for the demand.
This understanding seems to go to the wayside when it hits our wallets, and the easiest people to blame are the ones in power.
Politics aside, as humans we tend to blame the person with the power, or who we think has the power.  In the same way, we see others doing things differently and we judge or criticize. We might even project our failures and dump them on those who seem to have it all together.
If you often feel criticized or judged by others, here are several steps to take to not let it affect you:
  1. Check the “Who”

    Who is judging and criticizing? Is it someone I trust? Do they uplift and support me or is it a pattern of their behavior? How does this person affect my life? Do they pay my bills or affect my overall wellbeing? 

  2. … and the “What?”

    Be sure to question this: “Is what is being said, true? Can I take an honest look at myself? Does the person judging me know me well enough to have an opinion of me? Do they have all of the facts? Do they live my life?”

  3. Analyze Yourself

    If you speak negatively about yourself or use self-deprecating humor, you may be inviting others to do the same. Try speaking positively about yourself and others will pick up on it as well. Perhaps you even plant a seed for them to do the same.

  4. Evaluate What Really Matters

    Ask yourself, “How much do these words matter? Do I want to give energy, time, happiness, and power to someone else’s opinion of me? Is there something better I could focus on and give my thoughts to?”

Remember that you have a choice to let any information into your mind. The choosing gives you power and keeps you focused on what serves you best, don’t let anyone dull your shine. You can’t outperform your self-image so be sure to build it where no one can diminish it. 
Love and Blessings, 
Maureen Scanlon