Business Coaching: Start a Dream, Find a Purpose

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Start a Dream, Find a Purpose

When I first began Coaching, I started it as I was also working at a Corporate job I had been at for 20+ years. I can honestly say I didn’t really believe or have the courage to “go all in”. Not that I didn’t believe in it, I did. I was passionate, excited, and driven. I just had a “stuck” mindset that I could have the freedom and ability to do it full time! I doubted my abilities as well. I remember saying, I can’t coach on business because I work for someone else.  Boy, was I wrong! 

My 20+ years of experience in the corporate career gave me so much experience to help others. I had supervised employees, I had created new processes, I had HR knowledge, I worked with Six Sigma on incorporating effective changes in my department, I had challenges with bosses, employees, and feeling “unsatisfied”. By living these workplace moments, I gained a huge knowledge of how to coach in business. 

Now that my Coaching business is a success (in our 4th year), I have gained the insight of how starting a business, marketing, and finding your way can be so freeing and joyful. Let’s look at the basis of finding your purpose and turning it into your dream career: 
  1. Find your “Why
    Why is this important for you to share with the world? In order to start anything in life, there must be a passion for it. I’ve seen many people jump from business to business trying to throw spaghetti at a wall and see if it sticks. When you are passionate about something, you know it! You would do it for free (no, really) and it’s for a purpose that you feel will be helpful, compassionate, needed, and exciting! In other words, it will float your boat and ring your bell! 

  2. Find your “Who”
    Every business, whether you offer products or services, exists for a customer. Who are you trying to help? I advise my clients to write their mission statement first. This is narrowing down the WHO you want to provide your business to. 

  3. The “How” 
    So many people (including myself at one time) state, “I don’t know anything about running or starting a business.” Think about this: in your life there were many things you had started that you had no idea how to do. Riding a bike, tying your shoe, going to school. The whole idea of life is to keep learning and challenging ourselves. Trust me, you will figure it out.

    Be willing to make mistakes along the way and view them as learning lessons and experience.  My biggest challenge was marketing and sales. I honestly despise sales– I’m not “sales-y,” I don’t like being sold something, and I especially don’t like unsolicited emails, Network groups (the kind that you pay to be a member) and DM’s. I CHOSE to do it differently. I believed by authentically spreading my message, my clients would find me– and they have!

  4. Research and Educate
    Although I knew my life’s experiences would be the relatable part of coaching, I also wanted to have tools in my toolbox for my clients. I started taking Psychology courses, going to Webinars and Seminars, and achieving specialized certifications. Do your homework. There are so many courses available online today that are accessible and affordable. Build credibility and knowledge for a confidence boost. Look up competitors in your field, what are they doing well, what would you do differently?
We all have a dream or desire. We’ve all said, “I’d love to….”  My gentle nudge today is to go for it; just try! There is more regret in not trying than in trying and failing. Envision your future and dream as you desire it to be, speak as if it has happened, and you’ve already taken the first step! 
For small business and Entrepreneur Coaching, schedule a clarity call today. Let’s get brainstorming on your dream! 
Love and Blessings, 
Maureen Scanlon