Focus on These Self Pillars to Live Life For YOU

Self Confidence

We, as humans, naturally rely heavily on external factors.

In my Life Coaching practice, the common thread, no matter what the “issue” at hand is, seems to stem from our view of self. As I’ve approached my clients asking what the definition of the following 3 characteristics are, I’ve received so many varied answers. It made me realize how different our perspectives and experiences influence these three self pillars: Self-Confidence, Self-Esteem, and Self Image. 
Can you decipher the differences? Do you believe one affects the other? It’s so important to have each of these qualities in line and at the same level in order to move ahead and feel good about who we are! 

Self Confidence

Trusting yourself, your decisions and your actions based on your previous experiences and strengths. Increasing this involves taking steps that are scary, then “knowing” you can do what you desire without fear. Fear is the killer of self-confidence. Overcoming it increases our confidence. 

Self Esteem

This is the BELIEF in yourself, your values, your purpose and the value you bring to the world. Do you feel you have worth? Is the world better with you and your contributions to it? 

Self Image

Although most would believe this is the OUTSIDE view of ourselves, it’s really about how you present your inner self to the world; Your character, integrity, and perception of how you are “seen.” 

For example: You may have 1000 followers on social media, you haven’t physically met each person, but your self image is how you believe they see you. Surprisingly, it’s not about the physical you, it’s about how you feel about yourself that translates to others. 

It’s important to do some self reflection and look at these areas that may need healing. Past experiences as well as outsiders can influence these areas. It’s your goal to let go of that programming. Remove the voices of criticism, the need to be validated by others, and people pleasing to feel worthy. 
When you raise these to the highest level, you begin living life for you and the path YOU choose! 
Love and Blessings, 
Life Coach Maureen