The Power of Taking Action: How to Walk the Walk

Taking Action

As a Certified Life Coach, I know the power of words. I give my clients the “tools,” or the words and suggestions, and they “build the house” by taking action). I assist in helping people focus on reframing self-talk, or turning negative speak into affirmations.  I believe in speaking goals and personal aspirations if it they have already happened.

As much as manifesting your desires may fulfill your dreams, there remains a space where taking action is still mandatory. Steps are needed to bring the change and desires to fruition. Without moving forward, words are really just noise.

Throughout my life, I’ve been around many people who “Talk the Talk.”  I’ve really learned how true phrases such as “talk is cheap” and ” giving it lip service” are. It can be one of the most frustrating awarenesses of human behavior.

It’s natural to speak what we want or wish we could have, but the struggle to motivate ourselves and initiate the steps to change can be challenging and even debilitating for some. 

Some may have a more manipulative nature and will say what they think others want to hear with no intentions of fulfilling the effort needed. This is to fulfill a need for a sense of belonging or acceptance, even though there is no sincerity behind the verbiage.

I know several business owners with friends who praise their accomplishments, but never invest in their products or services offered in support of their friend. I know Coaches who don’t live the values and suggestions they provide to their clients. 

One thing I value in myself, is the ability to stand by my word. If I SAY it, I DO it. For example, a client I coach is expanding her business. I encourage her to think outside of the box and try new unconventional ideas. When she created an event for a Backyard Boutique and invited me, of course I would go. I purchased an item from each vendor booth and demonstrated my support. Essentially, I “walked the walk.”

She invests in my business and I invest in hers– it’s a balance of respect and appreciation.

When I wrote my first book, my family and friends all insisted on purchasing the book. Even my own children bought my books! It was their way of showing me they really believed in me and supported me. 

So ask yourself this: How much am I showing up through the actions I take for those around me who I cherish? Don’t just say I care about my circle. Go to lunch, send a card, or be there when they need you. 

Here are some tips on how to “walk the talk” and see the power of taking action, well, in action!

  1. Every word you speak is a promise. When you speak, think of everything thing you say as a sincere commitment. View it as if the relationship or friendship is on the line if you’re not meeting that promise. This is where you show your value and integrity. 

  2. Choose wisely. As humans, we are the only species that has the capability to form words to verbally communicate. Choose what you say to one another with careful consideration.

    Often times, people will state, “I didn’t mean it that way,” or “I was just teasing you!” Think about the person on the receiving end and not just your need to articulate. Think of how you would feel if you received the same message.

  3. Be a do-er, not a say-er– When an event is held, do your friends and family count on you to attend? Or do they think you’ll just say you’ll come and then not show up? If you tell someone, “if you need anything, let me know.” Do you really mean it or is it just a habit to say? Be someone who can commit to others.  Be that person that others know they can count on. 

  4. Stop the madness– We all know that friend, family member, or coworker who continually complains about their life. They are the victims of this life. Nothing goes well for them-ever!

    Even if we listen for hours on end and give some sound advice, next week they come back with the same “stuff.”  It can be draining.

    First, we must learn the boundaries of not putting ourselves in the repetitive conversations. Second, realize that the person probably enjoys the sympathy, empathy, as attention they receive from sharing their woes. 

    Are you a “fixer” and easily get sucked into these scenarios? Learn to set boundaries. Set a time limit for the discussion. Stop giving advice the individual is not ready to hear. Stop encouraging the outpour by initiating the conversations with questions such as,  “how are you doing today?” or “were you able to solve that issue?” 

In the end, realize the power of your words, and the even mightier power of taking action! 

Love and Blessings,