Paying More Attention Can Help Reprogram Your Mind

Pay Attention, Be Present
After driving my son to work near the airport in Phoenix, I had an experience that really shook me.
I was on a busy highway at the busiest time of the day… and I like to stay within my 5 mile radius of home (COVID made this a new desire of mine).
Traffic was heavy so I veered off to a side road that would take me to a less congested freeway. When the stoplight turned green, the car next to me wasn’t proceeding.
I stalled, looked at the light again, still green, and a car coming the opposite direction sped through the red light at a high rate of speed. 
At first, I was shocked. Then, I was immediately extremely grateful to my guardian angel. Naturally, I proceeded to the “what ifs.”
What if I had just pressed the gas (I do tend to have a heavy foot)? What if I didn’t notice the car next to me waiting?
In a matter of 5 seconds, I knew my life could have ended. 
What this made me realize is the importance of paying attention. I mean really paying attention both mentally and physically to the world around us. 
Have you ever driven home and realized you didn’t remember the drive because you were tired or preoccupied in your mind? Of course, because we all have been there.
If we take this lesson and determine to always try and be present in the moments of our lives, we’ll notice more around us.
Whether it’s in the busy workday or relaxing on vacation, try to take in the details, the sights, sounds, and feelings. You could even journal the things you are aware of. This can reprogram your mind to being Mindful in each day. 
Here are three tips to encourage focus, attention, and being present: 
  1. Look for details

    Notice the car in front of you, or the clothing a person is wearing, or even a smell that instills a memory. 

  2. Speak Out Loud

    When my coaching clients approach me with focus issues, I ask them to have a FOCUS PHRASE. For example, mine is, “Hocus, Pocus, Focus.” It helps to remind me to take one thing at a time and set a goal of completing it. 

  3. Breathe and Clear the Clutter

    When our minds are busy, it’s like a computer with too many tabs open. Try to clear out the clutter of all that you need to do, are worried about, or just distracted by. Close your eyes (not while driving please!) and envision “putting the files away” until tomorrow. I often tell people, “Unless you’re a brain surgeon, it can wait”.

    Take a deep breath and release 3x’s. I also say, “In with the good, Out with the bad” to remind myself to let go of stress and anxiety. 

In a world of constant stimulation, it’s difficult to pay attention. Make the above suggestions a part of your new daily habits and soon you’ll be a Master Focuser and enjoy ALL of the experiences and moments in your life! 
Love and Blessings, 
Life Coach Maureen