New Year: Less Pressure & More Achievement

New Year

After the ball drops at midnight, you wake up the next morning and find yourself dissecting your life.

“I haven’t achieved this yet,” “I should be further along in my life by now.” Sound familiar? What is it about a new year that makes us reflect and even judge ourselves for where we are?

While “motivational” quotes may have good intentions in spirit, they can actually make you feel inadequate.

I see people in my family struggle each year and say they will “start new” or that, “this will be their year.” It baffles me because the pressure to complete something in a year after a lifetime of slowly learning experience by experience is how we grow. Sometimes it’s setting yourself up for failure when you don’t focus on little steps. 

My son, Noah, uses a cute saying to help himself with this concept, “don’t eat the whole hippo, just take a bite at a time.’ Similarly, I tell my coaching clients not to look at the mountain, but the first step on the trail.

If you find yourself putting big expectations and pressure on yourself, step back and plan for a day, week, and monthly goal. Setting intentions and vision boards are wonderful tools that give you the “ease” of taking time to achieve. 

Here are some more tips on how to accomplish your desires a little at a time.

Gratitude Compounding

Each day add something to a journal that you achieved from the day before, no matter how small it may be, acknowledge your efforts.

Task Setting

Each day set 5 tasks to accomplish. Complete them throughout the day, taking small breaks to step away and do something enjoyable in between.

Bonus Points*

When you complete the 5 tasks. You may add more, but these are considered “extra accomplishments”. It’s a perception to your mind that you are productive and proud of yourself.


I’m a firm believer in setting a time line for a goal. It helps alleviate procrastination. It also allows the breaking up into smaller steps to achieve it.

Give Yourself a Break

When you focus on having fun, being at peace, living at ease, you’ll find that inspiration and ideas come easier. Don’t compare yourself to others, you have your own pace and race to run. Take time for self-care, meditation, and vacations. Let go of the hustle mentality and learn to focus on things that bring joy and laughter.

Make your yearly mantra or word, “flow” or “ease” so you set the tone for your life and your vision.
Relax and enjoy the ride of life, focus on what legacy you will leave, one of stress and always working, or will you be an inspiration to others to life a life of joy and happiness- The choice is yours.


Happy New Year!

Love and Blessings,
Life Coach Maureen