New Year, New…. Nope

So it’s the beginning of January and all you see posted is, “New Year, New Me.” I don’t know why but this just doesn’t sit well with me. Is it the generalization that the “old” you isn’t good enough or that somehow something old should be replaced? That suddenly clearing the hard drive of our souls and the calculation of time spent so far in this reality will clear a way for the life we want? 

I feel it sends a message that we just plain don’t like who we have become and we must erase the experiences, choices, and thoughts we have made about ourselves.

Let me say this- The old you has gone through situations that made you wiser, stronger and capable of anything! The old you made choices that helped you grow and share your story with others so they can connect and explore their own lives.The old you knows the gamut of emotions that life brings. The highs and lows, goods and bads, so you continue to follow your heart and dreams. The old you decided to keep going, pushing forward to what next lies ahead. The old you is in search of purpose and fulfillment. The old you knows what doesn’t work. 

The definition of NEW is this..
1. not existing before; made, introduced, or discovered recently or now for the first time.

Without sounding entirely too enlighten-y, let’s be clear, YOU HAVE existed, made, introduced and discovered yourself! And guess what? Who you are in this New Year is amazing! You’ve earned all that you are in this moment- minute by minute, month by month, year by year, you did it. 

If we want some catchy new trendy phrase, I’m going out on a limb and saying this- New Year with more learning, growth and possibilities. New opportunities to be an even better me! Please, for goodness sake, don’t discard the wonderful human you have become! 

May you continue this journey with an open mind, find humor in everything , have fun, and a willingness to continue the path of growth, greatness, and purpose that your years of being YOU thus far have brought to the world  

Happy New Year,