How Your Success Brings Out the Worst in Others

Life Coaching

So you’re making strides in becoming the best you that you desire-great job! You’ve lost weight, reached a goal, started a process of changing your thoughts and behaviors or you’ve begun chasing a dream… and then you hear a comment about yourself from someone that is not supportive or is downright critical? Or someone close to you is suddenly more quiet than normal?

It can be very difficult to understand why others don’t want you to be happy. 

In a nutshell, it’s because they are not happy. When you succeed, you shine a spotlight on the failures of others. I always say “Others can’t see your rainbow when they’re in their storm”. Celebrities deal with this everyday and they learn to thicken their skin and ignore the “haters.”

Yes, as you struggle, your circle “says” they want success for you, but their actions really say a lot more. Since I’ve started my business and published my book, I can count a handful of true friends that support me on a regular basis. They show up to every event, comment on every post, and share my book every chance they get! 

Those that faded into silence and absence have told me all I ever need to know. 

Do I take it personal? Honestly, sometimes, but then I remember to focus on those in my corner. I remember my purpose and my goal to be an example of the change I want to be in the world. It’s teaching me to “see” people and not just “hear” their words.

Remember that it’s a reflection and projection of their shortcomings and probable insecurities, not yours. 

I always try to see the good in others and give the benefit of the doubt, but after so many excuses of people being busy or broke, it does get difficult.
Stay in harmony and alignment with yourself and “those who love you will ride, those who don’t will divide”-unknown.

I find total strangers giving support and encouragement and it is a wonderful thing. I believe it’s just the law of attraction bringing those like me to my path. Keep surrounding yourself with those who lift you. It will become crystal clear who they are and easier to just disengage from those who don’t. Keep a positive mindset and say “that’s ok, I’m no longer at that place and I choose not to recognize anything or anyone that doesn’t serve my growth “. 

Trust me that when you’re at the top, those that disappointed you will seek you out.