How to Fend Off Negative Vibrations

Negative Vibrations

“Misery Loves Company.” We’ve all heard that saying right? Let’s break that down to our own life experiences. I know if I ask anyone reading this if they know of someone who is negative, every single person will say yes. Have you ever noticed that when things are going rough in your life, they are all ears and almost enjoy hearing it? That is the miserable commiserating with other miserables.

Sadhguru, A Mystic says, “Joyful people think life is short, miserable people think it is long.”

I have recently been studying and soaking in truths about the law of attraction by Abraham Hicks.

What really struck me is the teaching that if I talk about other people’s suffering and conflicts, I am actually

bringing more of it to them! How awful that made me feel!

In listening to someone’s misfortune and/or repeating it, I have sent out an additional energy vibration to the universe to bring more! Even though we think we are being kind and caring by being a sounding board, we are not. UNLESS, we are bringing solutions, and positivity to help someone change that thinking…

“Stinkin’ thinkin’ ” I call it.

When coaching my clients, I am careful to listen but not add to the negative vibration they are sending as I don’t want an increase of that energy to bring more of the same.

Going forward, be sure to focus on YOUR thoughts and actions and desires. This is the only way to really get the things your true self is wanting. Don’t focus on the negative aspects of your life as everything coming TO you is coming FROM you.

I’ve been doing a morning meditation that sets my mind in a positive mode for the day. I don’t get up thinking about all of the work and problems, I focus on the gratitude I have for another day and for the opportunities I have been shown. End the day with a meditation of receiving. Ask that you will receive all of the desires of your heart and mind that are in alignment with your higher source.

You can do this! You are enough!