3 Everyday Stressors and How to Deal With Them

Arizona Life Coach
Every day we are presented with stressful situations. From family matters, work, school, finances, relationships, and friendships, the list is endless of “what” and “who” stress us out, right? Here are a few tips on how to deal with everyday moments that may bring us negativity and overwhelming feelings:

Energy Suckers

Everyone probably knows at least one of these. That coworker that tells you everything that’s wrong in their life, their health issues, and gossips about others endlessly. Or the family member that is the “victim” of their circumstances, and can never “get a break.”
I have a mantra I say about this in my life: “My monkey, NOT my circus.” In other words, you can love your family member, friend, or coworker, but you DO NOT need to engage in their negativity or problems. You may be empathetic or feel guilty, but you will bring yourself so much peace by not engaging. You can listen, be supportive and say “that must be difficult, I’m sure you’re going to turn it around, etc.” And remember, If someone is gossiping TO you, they are gossiping ABOUT you as well…

Financial Hardship

We’ve all been there… you’re running late for work, get in the car, turn the key, and….. nothing… Ugh, dead battery? Starter?  Or suddenly the washing machine sounds like a rocket taking off to the moon… and payday is 13 days away!
These are the moments we really need to check our patience and endurance. I always say “this too shall pass” whenever a
so-called catastrophe happens. It just makes me put it in perspective.
Make a list of your options:
  1. Can I charge it?
  2. Can I borrow it?
  3. Have I saved any money?
  4. Can I make payments?
  5. Can it wait til payday?
Giving ourselves options actually has a calming effect. You’ve got this, no matter how dire it seems.

My Boss is…

Since the majority of us have not been lucky enough to win the lottery, we are working for a living, day in and day out.
We spend the majority of our day with the same people, doing the same thing, and it can take a toll. If you have a manager or leader who is – ahem, not-so-great – this can add to your stress. Here’s how to reduce stress in the workplace:
  1. Be Grateful. Yes, be glad you are at work and not in the unemployment line. Be grateful you have the blessing of a paycheck and an opportunity to feed your family, have a home, food, and finances for the necessities and wants in your life.
  2. Don’t take anything personal. If you have coworkers or a boss that is negative, condescending, or never provides validation, it’s ok.
  3. Stay peaceful. Remember that you don’t know what anyone is experiencing in their lives, sometimes they are just projecting their own unhappiness, insecurities, or stresses. Kill them with kindness and stay in your bubble of peace.
  4. Do your best, speak your truth, and admit when you’ve made an error. Believe it or not, this is so freeing when it comes to relieving stress. If you are able to let out the things that are bothering you, they won’t build up, cause medical problems, and manifest resentments. I am blessed to have a career and now a Life Coaching business that allow me to work from home in the company of my pets (they really don’t care about stress and I learn a lot from them and their contagious positive attitude each day).
We all have the opportunity EVERYDAY to CHOOSE happiness and peace versus negativity and stress. You do not have control over other people or circumstances, but you have control over YOU ?
Life is 10% what happens to us, and 90% how we react to it!
Love and Blessings,