Forget Everything You’ve Learned About Patience

Arizona Life Coaching

I want to talk about something that I believe everyone struggles with: Patience! I recently watched a speech regarding this subject and it really hit home.

I have struggled with Patience my entire life. I am the kind of person who wants it and wants it now. Today’s world is geared toward instant gratification: self-checkout lines, Facebook validation from friends and people we might not even know, online shopping, banking, even seeing a doctor over the internet… it’s no wonder this “virtue” is so hard to handle today.

Forget everything you ever learned about patience and be impatient! Yes, you read that right. You may be thinking “What? That doesn’t sound right?” Here’s the lowdown:

Patient people don’t get anything done! Patience is not peace, patience is just a waiting period. It’s great to sit and self-reflect, but you must move forward.

Impatience by itself is just a temper tantrum meaning it’s time to take some action! If I REALLY want something, I cannot sit around and wait for it. I can put my thoughts and energy into manifesting, but I MUST do something, anything, to go after it.

As I have taken steps to build my coaching practice, patience is very hard. That being said, I wake up every day and ask myself, “What do I need to do today to get closer to that purposeful place I want to be?” Even what may seem small, is movement. As long as we aren’t standing still, we are moving!

Recently during an impatient episode, I hopped on Google, got in my car, and just drove…. to yoga studios, gyms, etc. to hand out business cards and touch base with fellow local businesses. This turned out to be a huge success– 2 out of 4 businesses were open, receptive, and a new door opened for me to host a meditation session at a new gym in my neighborhood!

See? My IMPATIENCE paid off! I’m not saying every step is huge, but it sure feels good to get connections and results where they wouldn’t have been had I sat at home being PATIENT!

I hope you all have a wonderful day,

Love and Blessings,
Maureen S.