How to Embrace the Rollercoaster of Life

Rollercoaster of Life

I was recently in deep thought as I was doing yard work. While mowing, I ran into some bumps, some rocks, and places I had to push a little harder. Other areas were smooth and easy. I had to pull some weeds, plant some seeds, water my soil. Then I realized… this was just like life! 

Indulge me and let’s go a little further with an analogy:
Do you remember the first time you rode a roller coaster? Did you hesitate? Think you would fall out, get sick, or die? That is our lives. The fear, the adrenaline rush, the unknown of how the experience will be! 

I remember when my daughter and I went to Las Vegas for a gift trip I gave her for high school graduation. It was just her and I and she wanted to go on the roller coaster at New York New York Hotel. She was fearless, excited and said, “come on mom, it’ll be fun!” 

I, however, was a little resistant. She, in her youth, was ready and excited. I had seen news reports of derailing roller coasters, people stuck due to mechanical failures, and then wondered if my back could handle it. Do you see how our experiences can either hold us back or cause us to throw caution to the wind? 

Like life, a rollercoaster has its ups and downs, unknown twists, and sometimes the bottom just drops out from under us. The important question is… are you willing to get on the ride or stand on the ground and watch? 

If you’ve waited in line, when it’s your turn, do you go to the front car? That’s the exhilarating spot! Do you play it safe in the middle? 

Let’s look at the relationships in our lives. 

Who gets in the cart with you? I bet you can name 1 or 2 people that jump in next to you. These are your most supportive and loving relationships. Which of your family and friends goes to the back to see if you thrive or fail? (Or lose your cookies). 

Those are the ones who say they’re in, but they aren’t ALL the way in. 
And then there’s the friends who watch from the ground. Oh sure, they say “have fun” or “good luck” but they’re not willing to do it with you. Some may even call you crazy and tell you you’ll die! Those are the naysayers and critics. 

Finally, there are those who you talk to after the ride and see how great it was, so NOW they want on the ride! 

Pay close attention to the “riders” in your life. This is your measurement of what you mean to others that you have in your circle. 

Go on that ride, cherish those in your cart, ignore the “watchers” and experience the thrill ride that life is! 

“He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life”-Muhammad Ali. 

Love and Blessings,