Don’t Be So Modest

Arizona Life Coach

As I was lying in bed last night, I was given this message.”Don’t be so modest.” I had no idea what that meant until I took it this morning and realized what I was to share with everyone. 

The journey I have been on in the last year (ok, my entire life) has brought some amazing opportunities. The feedback and beautiful compliments, along with seeing the changes in those around me has been so fulfilling.

Oddly enough, when I receive praise, I am consistently saying, “Really? You think so?” or “Anyone could do it, it’s really easy.”  I haven’t been giving myself the validation and kind appreciation for my hard work and growth that I’ve achieved along the way. 

We have been operating under the misconception that humility is good and ego is bad. The definition of humble: “Having or showing a modest or low estimate of one’s own importance,” versus the definition of ego: 
“A person’s sense of self-esteem or self-importance.”

I’ve always thought it was a good attribute to be a humble person, until now. Being humble or having humility is actually diminishing the belief in our abilities. Abraham Hicks says in her YouTube video, “Humility is close to victimhood”. 

The Universe and Source view your ego as the purpose and focus you have for being here and accomplishing the lessons you desire. At our book launch on Saturday, a wonderful gentleman with the gift of psychic abilities said to me, “Your message is Simple, Humble, and Pure.” I beamed thinking “yes, it is”. But now I’d like to remove the humble part because what I feel about my purpose, plan and message is that I want it to be Egotistical!

How contrary to what we have been programmed to believe. Our view on egotistical is more along the lines of conceited, bragging, or full of ourselves. It is not! It is truly about believing in ourselves, feeling confident and sure about who and what we are doing, and following exactly the execution of the plan we came to accomplish in this life. To solely believe in ourselves without validation from others is empowering. 

The next time someone says, “Don’t be modest”, agree with them and say, “You’re right, I’m egotistical”. 


Love and Blessings,