Why COVID-19 Plays on Our Worst Human Qualities

Life Coaching

As we all navigate the current pandemic situation, let’s reflect on the facts:

  • The virus has incurred 36 deaths nationwide in the US. 
  • There has been a 3.4% mortality rate worldwide; Italy being the main contributor at 1441 deaths total (due to the high population of elderly)  
  • This is less than the SARS and MER viruses from years prior that were NOT declared a Pandemic…

Let’s put into perspective that in the US, 1650 people die each day from Cancer, 360 people die from stroke, 229 die each day from diabetes, and 102 die each day in a car accident!

I personally view this virus and the media coverage of it,  like the relative that is always in your business, that causes drama in the family or they don’t know what else to do with themselves. Their normal way of coping is only when crisis, drama or turmoil is happening. 

Unfortunately, our subconscious minds are just storage tanks and we read, listen and absorb everything we hear and see. Then our amygdala, or emotional brain,  takes over. We, as humans,  are wired to protect ourselves from harm. The instant our safety is perceived as threatened, we go to any lengths to stop the discomfort. 

This is, unfortunately, when our worst qualities come out. We focus only on the reality of what we are surrounded by and witnessing, while forgetting that we are able to thrive in spite of what we see. Self preservation takes over, inability to focus on others and a “do whatever it takes” mentality ensues. We lose our manners and patience with one another. 

Here are some ways to stay in a place of peace, alignment and joy in these trying times: 

Just the facts, ma’am– Try to only get information from the official sources. Listening to a wide variety of information can cause confusion and panic. Stay focused on your immediate community and neighborhood, fearing deaths across the world is not valuable to your state of calm. 

Normalcy is key– Although some things will be disruptive, try to maintain as much normalcy as possible. This is especially important if you have children. If your school or employer has closed or changed, see this as an opportunity for a staycation. Go take picnics and hikes. Go fly kites or have a scavenger hunt. Don’t sit at home cooped up waiting for doomsday. Don’t stop visiting with people while using caution, your body has an amazing way of building immunity. 

Think outside the box
As we see the empty shelves at the stores from all of the panic buying, figure out other ways to provide for your necessities. My husband, who is a very calm, logistical thinking man, was headed to work the other day at 5am, decided to stop in to a store near his job, and walked in just as they were stocking the shelves. No crowd, no pushing, and he just picked up a couple of packages and left the rest for others.

A friend of mine stated he went to a store that sells hardware and tools, he walked around and saw that they also sold household cleaning supplies and there were plenty on hand in opposition to the grocery and big box stores. Search online, there are companies that sell everything from cleaning supplies to paper goods. Maybe even try a small business that sells organic or vegan products. 

How about this?
When you go to the store and buy supplies, buy one for yourself and one for a friend or elderly neighbor. Make a meal and bring it to someone in need. Shouldn’t difficult times bring out the best in us? Shouldn’t we be helping one another, taking care of those who need help and assistance? 

Healthy habits
The best defense against any virus is to have healthy habits. Make some new healthy meals, try new recipes, exercise, and do some deep cleaning of your home space. The obvious one being hand-washing, should be done more frequently. Use caution with the closeness and vicinity of people, maybe refrain from person-to-person touch, and use hand sanitizer. 

Serenity now
The most important of all is your state of mind. Like attracts like (Law of Attraction) so panic and fear bring more, peace and tranquility bring more of that energy. Set up a peaceful place for meditation and relaxation. Watch videos on motivation, mindfulness, and happiness. You are the creator of your mindset and the traffic cop for where your thoughts travel. 

By spreading peace and calm, we can dissipate the panic and fear. Let’s all make it our goal to “Just Breathe” until this too, shall pass….

Love and blessings,