How to Cherish the “Now” During the Holiday Season

Life Coach

With the holidays now underway, I came to an interesting epiphany.

While watching my daughter with her kids, my youngest son with his girlfriend, and playing a silly game of Twister with the grandbabies,  I couldn’t help but reminisce about how quickly life goes by.

I also realized how many shifts we go through. That’s my ah-ha moment: SHIFTS or stages, if you will, in our lives. What I really thought about is how, at each stage or phase, it seems our mindset was crucial. 

I recall a Christmas with my 3 children, where I was a struggling single parent and had very little money for presents. They wanted to buy me something for Christmas but didn’t have any money.  I gave them some money and we went to Walmart where I sat reading a book in McDonald’s, while my teenage daughters and their little brother, went off to buy me a gift. They each picked out something for me, and I remember that Christmas in our little condo being one of the best we’ve ever had! 

My now adult children tell me about some of their greatest memories of childhood, and I am still in awe that the memories they have never included anything grand or expensive. It was simply about spending time together and having fun. 

As you look back at your life, look at each stage you’ve been in: raising young kids, teenage years, college days, high school, marriage, childhood, first job, first home, first car, graduations, empty nesting, divorce, struggles of any kind. 

Think about where your mindset was at those moments. Was it:

  1. Anxiety or excitement?
  2.  Fear or Joy
  3.  Sadness or Happiness
  4.  Hopeless or Hopeful

    As I head into my 50th year of life, I now have this “big picture” view and it gives me such peace in my daily life. 

    I used to tell my kids, “if it won’t matter a year from now, don’t worry about it.” This is much more true than I even realized as I was saying it. 

    The mindfulness movement should be (and is) summed up exactly as this, “Just live for this very moment, for tomorrow will come later, and yesterday is done.”  

    You will find more joy and here’s the kicker– You will remember the moments in life that were amazing and joyful, far more than the lack of money and stuff you didn’t have at the time! 

    Finally, I have now realized the IMPACT I have had on my loved ones. The lessons, sayings, traditions, and outlook on life I share with them are crucial- This is my LEGACY and I am determined to make sure I live on with the love and memories they will have thinking of me long after I am no longer here.  

    Happy Holidays to everyone!
    Love and Blessings,