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A Letter to My Younger Self

As I notice those who are in the under-30 age range, I can’t help but think, “if only I had this wisdom back then.” I see so much courage and strength my younger self didn’t have at that age. It’s what inspires me to do what I do, be the...

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Perfectionism is Asking For Failure

Let’s be honest… it is a natural human desire to succeed and feel accomplished. While there is nothing wrong with this, (in fact, it’s what gets us motivated and to act in our lives), I’ve recently seen a trend in those around me, and even in myself. There’s a strong...

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Taking Action

The Power of Taking Action: How to Walk the Walk

As a Certified Life Coach, I know the power of words. I give my clients the “tools,” or the words and suggestions, and they “build the house” by taking action). I assist in helping people focus on reframing self-talk, or turning negative speak into affirmations.  I believe in speaking goals and...

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