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happiness expectations

It’s OK Not to Be OK

In a world where positive quotes and the pursuit of happiness are in full throttle, sometimes it can add pressure to our well-being when we aren’t “feeling it.”  In a recent course I took in ACT therapy (Acceptance and Commitment), the instructor mentioned that positive affirmations sometimes worked in adversity...

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Life Coach

Dropping the Weight (of Emotional Baggage)

Recently, I’ve been noticing that I am hanging on to things that are weighing me down. During COVID, like a lot of us, I gained a little weight. I kept looking in my closet saying to myself, “I really need to get rid of clothes that don’t fit.”  The other little voice...

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mental health

Is there a Difference in Mental Health Between Genders?

Mental Health is described by Wikipedia as, “…an individual’s ability to enjoy life and to create a balance between life activities and efforts to achieve psychological resilience.”  Although both genders are equally susceptible to symptoms of mental health disorders, the types show a difference between males and females. Of course,...

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The Real Meaning Of Essential

The Real Meaning of Essential

As I sit and flip through channels on the TV, I come across the National Cornhole Championship. I start to giggle and call my husband to the room.He proceeds to tell me that during the pandemic, there have been reruns of World Series and Basketball games from 1993. I’ve also...

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