A Letter to My Younger Self

As I notice those who are in the under-30 age range, I can’t help but think, “if only I had this wisdom back then.” I see so much courage and strength my younger self didn’t have at that age. It’s what inspires me to do what I do, be the voice my younger self needed. Although I now look back with gratitude for the experiences that brought me to this path of helping others, I wrote a letter to my younger self with the wisdom and experience of a 51 year old woman who has overcome trauma and is confident and happy.

Dear Me,

It will be very hard to comprehend and fully believe what I’m saying, but stay with me…

You will be abused, mistreated, disowned, and will forget who you really are. It’s ok.
You will struggle mentally, physically, and spiritually. It’s ok.

While you go through this, please know you are amazing, you have strength deep down you will discover. You are worthy! You will make mistakes in parenting, you will be misunderstood and judged. Family and friends will turn their backs on you. Please keep going. One day you will release all that doesn’t serve you. You will raise wonderful children and grandchildren who adore you. You will find the twin flame love you seek and he will honor and cherish you! You will start a business, and write books that change peoples’ lives, yes it’s true!

Please believe in yourself, don’t spend too much time on people or situations that hurt you, even though you need the lessons. It’s not selfish to love yourself or take care of your health. Just know that we’ve got this! At every stage, you’re going to be a better and resilient, compassionate and worthy human!

Oh, and I love you!

Write your letter today, speak your truth, and always treat yourself kindly.

Love and Blessings,